National Recycling Week 2019

National Recycling Week 2019

Since its introduction in November 1996, Planet Ark’s 2019 National Recycling Week sees the famous initiative reach its 24th year. National Recycling Week brings a national focus to the environment and highlights the importance of recycling and other sustainable practices in minimising waste and managing material resources responsibly.

Creating Sustainable Practices

At CMBM, we aim to create a culture where sustainable practices are at the forefront of our operations for both our employees and our clients. We do this by creating organisational-wide buy-in and understanding of responsible waste minimisation and management.

This starts with our commitment to the four R’s:

  • Reclaim – being aware of what materials can be repurposed for use in other projects to minimise our landfill footprint.
  • Repurpose – ensuring reclaimed materials are being used where possible, such as turning tree waste to mulch and use of bricks and pavers as gravel.
  • Recycle – implementing recycling initiatives for non-environmentally friendly materials such as plastics, cardboard, toner, aluminium and more.
  • Reduce – reducing overall wastage through efficient volume control and planning.


Our formal commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in our business policy and ISO Certification for Environmental Management Systems (14001:2015). This recognises CMBM’s full compliance with the International Standard of Environmental Management.

Some other ways CMBM are undertaking sustainable initiatives include:

Greener Cleaning Operations

CMBM implement sustainable cleaning practices across our daily operations, and work with suppliers who can accommodate this, such as SABCO for their microfibre products and water-fed dispensers, and Tasman Chemicals for their range of Enviro-Scheme approved products.

We also use Nanocyn® Disinfectant & Sanitiser for outbreak cleaning, which is comprised of electrolysed water (99.97%), sodium chloride (salt) (0.023%), sodium hypochlorite (0.004%) and hypochlorous acid (0.003%) – all 100% natural and chemical-free ingredients.

Waste Management

Centralised waste management is implemented across all our offices to reduce the need for multiple plastic bags and reduce risk of cross-waste contamination. These include deposited goods for collection, such as toners and batteries.


CMBM have worked with sustainability consultants to bring composting and recycling initiatives to our regional employee accommodation sites, such as cardboard bailers, composting units for wet waste and centralised recycling arrangements.

Energy Efficiencies

Our company vehicles all possess a Green Star Rating of 4+ to ensure efficient fuel consumption.

Additionally, regular energy audits are carried out to ensure our energy efficiencies are up to date with the latest technologies, including sensor-lighting, energy efficient lightbulbs and solar operations.

Digital and Paperless

Our operations are run entirely digitally, from accounting and finance to workflow management and auditing. Our Customer Service Managers (CSMs) conduct quality audits via tablets and our services team access their workflow through their smartphone app to negate the need for printing.

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