What is Facilities Management?

What is Facilities Management?

Facilities Management oversees the operations within your building to ensure you are complying with the relevant legislation required for your premises. Facility Managers reduce the need for multiple service providers by consolidating and integrating your maintenance, auditing, and reporting requirements.

What can a Facilities Manager do for my premises?

In many organisations, there tends to be both gaps and overlapping aspects between different roles and responsibilities. This leaves your premises open to legal and safety risks in some areas, and increases your overhead costs in others.

By appointing a Facility Manager, you ensure you are remaining compliant and creating operational efficiencies.

A Facility Manager will:

  • Manage building and surrounds
  • Manage cleaning and grounds maintenance
  • Ensure building is compliant with building safety & Australian standards
  • Undertake administration duties and records of compliance
  • Manage all external suppliers and contractors


Choosing a Facilities Management Provider

Credentials and experience are important when selecting a Facilities Manager. While many providers specialise in one area, such as industrial warehouses or schools, ensure your Facility Manager is qualified to meet the demands of for your premises.

CMBM’s Facility Management Team

CMBM are ABMA Accredited Industry Practitioners and a member of Facilities Management Australia. Additionally, we are ISO Certified in Quality Assurance, Safety Management and Environmental Management. We also carry out Repair & Maintenance Reports for client premises to assist management with repairs, risk and decision making. Please contact us if we can assist you with Facilities Management.

Here’s an example of how our Facility Management team work with our clients.

CMBM manage the facilities for a 50-unit apartment complex. Set between two high-rise towers, the premises features a gym, pool, lawns, a tennis court, and BBQ area.

The Facilities Management are responsible for:

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the common recreation areas
  • Lawn maintenance and landscaping of the property (including rubbish disposal)
  • Contractor and maintenance management, including onsite supervision ensuring compliance and regulations are adhered to
  • Workplace Health & Safety management, including security, emergency evacuation procedures, fire safety, and signage management
  • Regular reporting and documentation on infrastructure, financial, safety and administrative matters


Read full case study here.

If you would like to find out more on how CMBM Facility Services can help you reduce costs and improve efficiencies for your building, contact us on 1800 26 26 37 or at helpdesk@cmbm.com.au.

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