CMBM & Marsden State High School: Building Safe & Well-Maintained Environments

CMBM & Marsden State High School: Building Safe & Well-Maintained Environments


Client: Marsden State Highs School | Location: Waterford West, QLD

Over an 18-month period, CMBM Facility Services helped Marsden State High School (Marsden SHS) enhance its aesthetics and enjoy more maintainable spaces. Through a combination of major and minor building and maintenance projects, CMBM upgraded the school’s amenities, Art Block, and various other internal and external areas, helping to foster an environment that promotes student and staff satisfaction, and optimal learning experiences.

Read on to find out how we did it.


Feature image supplied by Marsden State High School


Scope of works

CMBM were engaged to complete several building and maintenance projects over an 18-month period, including: 

  • Upgrades to amenities 
  • Upgrades to joinery in Art Block 
  • Painting of R Block
  • Plasterworks 
  • Minor maintenance works

Upgrades to amenities

CMBM completed a comprehensive upgrade to the amenities at Marsden State High School, including plumbing and electrical works, joinery upgrades, painting, and the installation of new epoxy flooring.

The new epoxy floor helped enhance the aesthetics of the amenities while also significantly improving functionality and cleanliness. Students and staff now benefit from a more visually appealing and durable floor surface that is easier to maintain, contributing to a safer and more pleasant experience for everyone using the facilities.

Pictured: expert installation of new epoxy flooring and other upgrades to the Marsden SHS amenities

Joinery Upgrade to Art Block

Joinery works were carried out to upgrade the Art Block and improve the storage areas within the facility, allowing for a more inspiring creative space and greater storage solutions.

Pictured: joinery upgrades to the Art Block storage areas


Painting of R Block

CMBM undertook external painting for the R Block building, revitalising its appearance and transforming it into a vibrant and welcoming space. The freshly painted surfaces have helped preserve and maintain the overall condition of the building, ensuring its longevity.

Pictured: building team completes painting and minor works on the R Block exterior


CMBM carried out plasterworks to restore damaged walls and surfaces, eliminating eyesores and creating a more visually appealing environment that reflects the care demonstrated by the school to its students and staff.


Minor maintenance works

In conjunction with major building works, CMBM also performed several minor maintenance works for Marsden SHS, including:

  • New sink installation
  • Ceiling sheet replacement
  • Door installation in laundry space
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Graffiti coverups

Together, the upgrades have played a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness, functionality, and overall upkeep of the school's infrastructure. By addressing these minor maintenance needs promptly and efficiently, CMBM have assisted Marsden SHS in creating a safe and well-maintained environment for its students and staff.



CMBM provided functional upgrades and visual enhancements to the facilities at Marsden SHS, allowing a more maintainable and inspiring learning and working environment. With our 18 years of experience and commitment to excellence, Marsden SHS continues to place its trust in CMBM to deliver quality building and maintenance solutions.


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