5 Ways to Reduce Roof Repair Costs

5 Ways to Reduce Roof Repair Costs

As the owner of an apartment building or block of units, you are responsible for the common areas of the property, including the roof. Not only is proper roof maintenance essential in preventing structural damage and ensuring the safety of your tenants, it can also drastically reduce roof repair costs.

Check out 5 ways to reduce your roof repair costs:


1. Annual roof inspections

Annual roof inspections can help you save on significant repair and maintenance costs by addressing issues earlier, often even before damage becomes visible to the untrained eye.

A good roof inspector will be able to detect weak areas, potential hazards, and estimate the roof’s lifespan. They can also provide a formal report for auditing purposes. When CMBM carry out roof inspections, the team also complete minor repairs. This is an efficient want to minimise separate visits and services performed, saving you time and money.


2. Have your roof and gutter regularly cleaned

In addition to maintaining the aesthetics and value of your building, having the roof and gutters regularly cleaned prevents buildup of dirt and debris, and reduces weathering. Uncleared gutters can also cause blockages or pools of water to form, leading to water damage and early roof and gutter deterioration.

Reflective membranes on roofs should also be cleaned regularly, as dirty membranes reduce heat reflection whilst increasing heat absorption, leading to faster aging.


3. Inspect the roof after storms

It is crucial to have your roof inspected immediately following a severe weather event, such as a hailstorm or heavy rain, to ensure there is no leakage or other damage. Even a small leak can result in severe damage, including mould growth, plaster issues, or major structural defects.

A professional roof inspection can identify leaks before they seep into the interior. CMBM can carry out emergency roof inspections and storm damage repairs, please contact us for more information.


4. Be proactive with preventative maintenance

For a cost-effective way to maximise the lifespan of your roof, take a proactive approach to preventive maintenance. Investing in annual roof inspections allows for earlier detection and repair of roof damage. Early preventative maintenance will also lessen the impact of unpredictable weather conditions, especially during storm season.


5. Consider sustainable roof options

Consider the cost benefits of switching to an environmentally friendly roofing option, such as terracotta tile. It is also worth having the proper coating and sealant to protect your roof from the extreme Queensland weather. If you are unsure about which type of roof might be best for your building, contact our expert building team today.

Need a hand with roofing repairs or inspections?

CMBM can manage your preventative and reactive roofing works, including emergency storm damage, providing you with long-term cost savings.

Contact CMBM Facility Services on 1800 26 26 37 or at helpdesk@cmbm.com.au to find out more.

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