CMBM & CS Gas: Fuelling clean workspaces

CMBM & CS Gas: Fuelling clean workspaces


Client: CS Gas | Location: Acacia Ridge, QLD

CMBM have enhanced the image and hygiene of workspaces at CS Gas, through an extensive range of programmed cleaning services.

CS Gas, who provide engineering and manufacturing of gas field equipment, have benefited from safe and sparkling spaces thanks to programmed cleaning such as mopping, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, and periodicals like strip-and-seals, by CMBM’s award-winning cleaning and maintenance teams.

Our strong relationship with CS Gas has developed through consistent provision of high-quality cleaning services, with the manufacturer continuing to ‘appreciate the efforts of CMBM’.

Read on to find out more about our programmed cleaning solutions for CS Gas.


Feature image supplied by CS Gas


Sweeping and mopping of hard floors

CMBM's cleaning team thoroughly sweep and mop the hard floors of CS Gas's office and warehouse, creating a clean and inviting atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.


Pictured: CMBM sweeping and mopping flooring at CS Gas

Regular sweeping and mopping helps maintain the condition of hard floors, preventing abrasive particles from being ground into the floor causing scratches and damage to the surface over time. This is particularly important for hardwood floors and other sensitive materials.

Vacuuming carpeted areas

The office and meeting rooms at CS Gas are regularly vacuumed to eliminate dust and debris. In addition to maintaining the appearance of the carpet, routine vacuuming removes allergens and odour-causing particles which tend to be embedded in the fibres, improving office hygiene.


Bathroom cleaning

CMBM's cleaning specialists clean the bathroom toilets, sinks, and floors to ensure hygienic bathroom amenities for CS Gas.


Glass cleaning

Glass surfaces at CS Gas are professionally cleaned to help highlight the natural light which filters into the offices.

Pictured: sparkling windows at the reception of CS Gas thanks to CMBM

High dusting of cobwebs

High dusting is carried out to eliminate cobwebs and dust accumulation from hard-to-reach areas, improving air quality and preventing spider infestations for CS Gas.


Furniture disinfecting

Frequent disinfecting and wiping of high-touch areas, such as benches, tables, and chairs, ensures clean and sanitary surfaces for employees and visitors.

Strip and seals

CMBM provided functional upgrades and visual enhancements to the facilities at Marsden SHS, allowing a more maintainable and inspiring learning and working environment. With our 18 years of experience and commitment to excellence, Marsden SHS continues to place its trust in CMBM to deliver quality building and maintenance solutions.

In addition to programmed cleaning services, CMBM also delivers periodic strip and seal treatments to CS Gas’ flooring. Strip and seals involve stripping off the old layers of floor finish, thoroughly cleaning the floor surface, and then applying new layers of floor sealer and finish. The process has made CS Gas’ flooring look like new again, while enhancing protection of the surface.



CMBM are pleased to provide quality cleaning solutions for CS Gas. Through our programmed cleaning and maintenance services, our client’s office and warehouse spaces are kept hygienic and well-maintained for employees and visitors.

CMBM Facility Services provide quality commercial cleaning and maintenance across Queensland’s industrial sector. To discuss how CMBM can help your facility, please contact 1800 26 26 37 or

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