Germ Prevention for your Childcare Centre

Germ Prevention for your Childcare Centre

Regardless of the time of year, childcare centres can be a breeding ground for germs and illnesses. Young children are especially vulnerable to environments with poor hygiene, quickly picking up germs and spreading them to other children, their parents, and centre staff. Minimising the spread of germs and bacteria in childcare centres is essential to daily business.

Read on to find out how to keep your centre hygienic for children and staff!


1. Daily cleaning

Clean surfaces are essential for young children, particularly as they are prone to picking up things from the floor and putting it in their mouth, or forgetting to wash their hands. 

Frequent or daily cleaning to remove and disinfect surfaces from snot, saliva, and any accidents which may have occurred is ideal for ensuring a hygienic environment. Additionally, removing rubbish and cleaning up spills as they occur can prevent sticky build-up. 


2. Sanitisation treatment after an outbreak

Having your centre professionally sanitised and disinfected immediately following a flu or gastro outbreak is vital for limiting the spread of illness to staff and other children. 

CMBM use a TGA-approved treatment called Nanocyn to sanitise whole areas quickly and efficiently, without leaving residue. Completely non-toxic and safe for children, our sanitisation service can be carried out after-hours if necessary to avoid disruption to your centre. Find out more about our sanitisation service here. 


3. Quarterly deep cleaning

A thorough clean of your centre every few months is a must for keeping germs at bay. This includes professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, floor scrubbing, and rubbish removal.

It is also a good opportunity to assess your centre’s maintenance and safety requirements, such as pressure cleaning the outside of your building, playgrounds, shade sails, pathways, and carparks; protective floor coatings and non-slip treatments, roof and gutter cleaning, bird proofing, and synthetic turf installation or maintenance.



CMBM are dedicated to providing our clients with the best cleaning and building maintenance solutions. To discuss how we can help you, please contact 1800 26 26 37 or

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