Why synthetic turf is the popular alternative to real grass

Why synthetic turf is the popular alternative to real grass

Synthetic or artificial turf is a great option for modernising or brightening up your space with minimal maintenance and maximum effect.


From its low-maintenance properties to sustainable impact, check out the top 5 benefits of synthetic turf:

1. Beautiful all year round

Whether it’s chilly, scorching, wet, or dry, synthetic turf remains beautiful all year round with minimal maintenance and resources required for its upkeep. The best part? It can be installed where real grass won’t grow!


When choosing synthetic turf, ensure it is UV-resistant to prevent it from fading in the Queensland sun.

2. Sustainable

Unlike living lawns, which require substantial water usage and toxic fertilisers every week to maintain, artificial turf is far less resource-heavy, making it the more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. You can even get artificial turf made from recycled materials!


3. Low-maintenance

From mowing and watering, weeding, fertilising, and more, the ongoing maintenance of natural grass can be very extensive.


While synthetic turf does require some maintenance, such as periodic pressure cleaning, the overall maintenance schedule is nowhere near as intensive as that of real grass.

4. Cost-effective

In addition to cost savings from decreased water and fertiliser usage and maintenance requirements, properly installed synthetic turf can last upwards of 20 to 30 years, making it the more cost-effective option for lush green lawns.


5. Safe for children

While some grasses may cause allergic reactions to children’s skin, synthetic turf is safe for children and toddlers to play in. Furthermore, synthetic turf doesn’t require any toxic chemicals to maintain. Many childcare centres and schools prefer artificial grass over real turf for this reason.



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